The VIP property investor journey ‘Business In A Box’


There are 7 Stages with workshops to help you complete

  • Business Ready – How to start and get a company and a business plan going.
  • Marketing Ready – How to attract the best deals and leads into your Business. We will get you to send letters and leaflets at the end of this module.
  • Offer Ready – How to stack deals, prepare an offer and get a proposal into a vendor/owners hands.
  • Investor-Ready –  Build your profile so you are investable! Present yourself to get the investment in you and your business.
  • Property Ready – How to design your property to give the WOW factor.
  • Tenant Ready – How to advertise for tenants.
  • Scale Ready – Property is not a solo journey, you need a power team to scale, find great people to work with.

There are lots of short workshops that you told us you wanted;


  • All the ways to find deals – so we created the Marketing Ready Module.
  • How to actually negotiate and get a win-win deal in ANY market.
  • How to fund your deals, with LOW money down strategies and create a proposal that will get your Investors on board.
  • How do you cope with a busy market and stand out to get the best rents and profitability, we show you how to design a product that serves your niche.
  • The Tenants – how to have the best tenants and a hassle-free life!
  • You also asked ‘How do you scale’ and ‘how do others, get all these properties’. We will show you the way to put your scale and growth plans into action.

Also included for the VIP are the following workshops;

  • Finding your goldmine area
  • How to find Joint Venture partners
  • Rent to Rent
  • Purchase Lease Options
  • Fortnightly live Mastermind session with Rick
  • Daily coaching thread on FB
  • Private Facebook Group, with a community, to share your ideas, challenges and to be part of the family!
  • Community to share opportunities with, struggling on your own, find someone you can buddy up with, do joint ventures and invest with. 
  • Bonus 1 Advanced HMO Course – All the tricks, tips and advanced know-how to get no money down deals done.
  • Bonus 2 Serviced Accommodation Mentoring  – How you can make money from Air BnB and, and even find a holiday home for yourself!
  • Bonus 3 Lifetime price of just £45 per month, cancel anytime, pay as you go!

We have designed this to help as many people as possible online so that you can learn at a pace that suits you and at a price that works!

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We know everyone’s area and circumstances are different, and you’ve probably purchased products in the past that were not suitable. That’s why this programme comes with a no questions asked money-back guarantee. If after your first date, it’s not for you, we’d rather refund you and maintain a great relationship, so you really have nothing to lose.



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