Case Studies and Testimonials


Ben Head

Previously an electrician and completely new to property. Achieved 8 deals within his first 4 months on the Investor Program.  

"What a year, Ben has had!"

Achieved: 8 deals, 31 rooms

Yearly Profit: £36K+


Prince Annor

Previously a management Accountant, Completed 6 deals in one year since starting his training with Rick.

“The main thing that helped me from the mentorship was learning to be creative at viewings and spot the opportunities to add value to a property. A massive skill”

Monthly Profit: £8,985 (HMO)

Yearly Profit: £107,820


Sam Lawson.

Sam was previously a Cruise Ship Entertainment Agent now is a Full time Property Investor and Mentor for Rick Gannon's New Era Training Company.

"I’ve done 13 deals since Investor and finished my first HMO conversion during investor (so total of 14 properties). Mixture of owned, Lease Options and Rent to Rent.

Now we’re working with joint venture partners to further build and expand our portfolio of properties including a development of 6 flats pencilled for 2022." Sam

Since joining Rick's Training:

Sam holds a portfolio which is today (June 2022) worth over £3m with a rent roll of over £23K a month.

With the aid of his private investors Sam is on track to take his portfolio to a £4.5M value by the end of 2023.


Victoria Miller

Previously a full time Social Worker whilst doing the programme now a full time property investor and mentor with New Era Training.

"The mentoring and support from Rick and his team has been invaluable and has helped keep me focused and accountable. I have been on other training courses, where once you have signed up you feel like just another number. This training is very different, I always felt that there was genuine interest, it was personal, responsive and bang up to date!"

Since Training with Rick 

Monthly Profit: £22,500 (Serviced Accommodation)

Yearly Profit: £270,000

Connor Holes

HMO Investor

“We used to work 9-5 jobs where there was little room to progress and grow. We’re now in property full time earning double what we were before with a lot more free time!”

Since Training with Rick 

Monthly Profit: £7,730 (HMO)

Yearly Profit: £92,760




Martyn Toft 

Previously a Finance Manager in the Waste industry, now a full time property investor.

How has Property changed you and your families lives?

Property has provided the focus I've needed to work at it as I want it to become my full time profession, hence why I'm here typing this at 8pm at once the kids are in bed!  Property is my passion, when it is your passion it doesn't become a job or a chore.  In the 3 years I've been in property I've not only gained the experience in refurbishing and managing properties, I've also benefited from the capital growth from the properties that I own.  This has enabled me to invest the equity back into the growth of my property business, which in years to come my family can reap the benefits of.

What about New Era Training & Rick Gannon’s training contributed to your success?

Being on the INVESTOR 8 program has given me the direction and motivation that I have needed to kick on with my property business.  To be part of a 'family' who are all trying to achieve the same goal and the encouragement provided is of immense benefit.  Also to have advice whenever needed from Rick, Sam Lawson and other members of the INVESTOR program is extremely handy especially when you're new to the industry.

- Martyn Toft

Since Training on Rick’s Mentorship:

Number of houses: 9+5

(5 more in pipeline)

4 owned (3 single lets, 1 HMO), 5 R2R HMOs

Estimated value of all houses : £1.2 million

Monthly profit: £3,054

Ruth Clery


“Great support, could ask any questions and not be made to feel stupid, the accountability helped massively.”


Paul James

PE Teacher  

“I loved the knowledge and support from the mentorship, I stepped down as head of PE to have more time and now make 3k per month as a result”

What have you achieved since attending Rick's Program:
Since completing Ricks mentorship program we have taken on further management contracts for larger portfolios in Peterborough & Cambridge and we are currently analysing a multi-million conversion deal.

We have increased rentals achieved year on year for the same properties/portfolios which is great for our clients who are therefore achieving greater income from there assets.

Gained a new business partner from the training mentorship
Had terms and conditions agreed on multiple Purchase Lease Options and regarding our multi let’s, that we let and manage these have managed for all clients as well as our own on less than 4% voids!

Formed a new development business with a new business partner. Maintained partnership as an accommodation provider for University settings

Won a tender to manage the maintenance and property management of a Housing Charity in Peterborough & Cambridge.

How has Property changed your and your family's lives?

Due to having our systems and procedures in place we have been able to have so much quality family time which is awesome! Both of our sons were born extremely poorly however I was able to support my wife at all appointments throughout the pregnancy which was an enormous support to us both.

Being around to take both my I get to take my 9 month old son and our 4 year-old swimming every week without the need to seek permission or time off.

We get to go on holiday when and where we want.

Being able to attend nursery family events eg Fathers Day Breakfasts

Able to see, and enjoy both of my son's growth & development and never have to miss family events because of work.
Chris Styles

“even today i refer back to it!”

“Great content from the mentorship in 2020. Even today I refer back to it. The level of support was fantastic. It’s great to still be a part of the facebook group and still access the fortnightly sessions from Rick. Ongoing support is fantastic.”

- Mithila Rollings 

“Definitely changed my life"

How has Property changed you and your families lives?

It's definitely changed my life to date.  I feel a lot more energised and enthusiastic about life and the future.  Property has given me a purpose and a focus.  I love to learn new skills and network so property investing suits me and I'm really excited about the future.  I'm not going to lie, it's been a real struggle for my Wife and Children who I haven't been able to see as much lately as I'm still in a high powered corporate job and in my spare time I'm always viewing properties or stacking deals.  But I think we've managed to come to a balance now and I've realised things aren't going to happen overnight but consistency gets you closer to your goals.

What about New Era Training & Rick Gannon’s training contributed to your success?

Rick and Lorraine give me the push I need to keep going.  I can become demotivated at times but being a part of the VIP group is great as it spurs you on and also provides support.  Due to my corporate job I struggle to keep up with the challenges but the beauty of the academy is that you can catch up in the vault in your own time so that suits me really well.

- Graham Smart

"they tell it like it is"

“Loved how Rick and Lorraine are out there doing what they teach, they tell it like it is, that it’s hard work not sugar coating it with claims to be a millionaire in 6 months like some others.”

- Dave Wilcox

“very good mentorship”

“Very good mentorship, loved 1 to 1 sessions with Sam. Very well laid out material, no surprises, knew exactly what would be doing and when”

- Vanessa Peters

"The biggest catalyst in helping us achieve what we have so far"

New Era has been one, if not the biggest catalyst in helping us achieve what we have so far. If it wasn't for that early introduction through YPN, I couldn't honestly say where we would be today.

The early Cup of Tea series on FB where my daily companion on my commute to work and some of the guests on the show ended up forming elements of our power team.

The mastermind was brilliant for me as I gained tonnes of knowledge and golden nuggets which we were able to implement in other parts of my business. Something I'm sure I will return to in the future.

Being part of the bigger community is great and the content that continually gets put out is so invaluable that it helps us greatly and no doubt others. 

Rick & Lorraine I consider to be a great inspiration and important mentors to our future growth.

 Stefano Anneccharico

Bobby Grewal

Previously full time Teacher

 "For the last 15 years I have been a full-time teacher whilst growing my property portfolio and last year in 2019 I left a full time Teaching career for a full time career as Property Investor. As cliche as it may sound, I enjoy the freedom to do as I please. Some call it financial freedom, I call it time to drop off and pick up my children every day as well as run my business the best way I can."

- Bobby Grewal


Dave Curtis  

Full time Property investor

"I’ve found Rick Gannon's training on the INVESTOR programme has been fundamental to me getting the support and advice I need at the right time. It was pivotal in helping me convert my previous house in Bristol into a converted Mini-Mo. I am so glad I didn’t sell this as was the plan, it is in a great part of Bristol near a hospital and in a high appreciation area too. With his (and Lorraine's) help I’ve navigated a lot of the hurdles that come with houses of multiple occupation saving me a lot of money!"

- Dave Curtis

"Property has allowed me to start a family"

Property has allowed me to start a family. My daughter is now 6 months old. It's been such a privilege to know I don't have to rush back to the office once my maternity leave ends. Whilst property is by no means passive and at times can be extremely demanding it's wonderful to be able to be in control of my own timetable so I can dedicate quality time to these precious first years.

- Fru Jeune

“gave me a completely new sense of purpose"

How has Property changed you and your families lives?

It gave me a completely new sense of purpose and direction when I burned out after a long career in the NHS as a consultant physician. I love the positivity of property people, and the excitement of a refurb project. My husband and I work on our property projects together alongside his part-time career as a free-lance private tutor, so we now work entirely from home. Biggest thing for us was being able to drop everything when our daughter became critically ill in 2017 and spent 2 years in and out of hospital. I was so grateful that we didn't have to negotiate time off from an employer. It slowed down our property journey but now she's well again we can just carry on. Time with family is priceless.

What about New Era Training & Rick Gannon’s training contributed to your success?

I knew Rick before New Era Training came into being, as he was my coach on another well-known training programme. What has always impressed me with Rick is his integrity and straightforwardness, and the way he holds me to account by challenging my thinking. Most of all his 'Big Why' struck a chord with me as he changed career primarily to devote more time to his family and to be able to provide experiences with and for them, not just to buy flashy 'things'.

- Mandy Barnett

“working with Rick and his team was life changing”

“Working with Rick and his Team was life changing, it opened my eyes to what was possible. The knowledge and expertise from the whole team helped me look for opportunities in property where I would never realised how to reach their  potential."

"It has been life changing for me"

- Pouvanart

"New era training has given me the confidence and momentum to get the wheel spinning"

- Nicholas Pazinas

"Fantastic programme and network"

- Paz Chauham

Paul Coward

Rick taught us the value of networking and telling everyone you know about what you do. Just told my barber too and he has a friend who has a house for sale (not yet on the market)

Shelley Landlaw

“Really good structure, well planned content, very genuine people throughout the whole mentorship”

"The training is very helpful"

- Jeff Horsnell

"overall very good experience from the whole mentorship"

- Dharmendra Chahal

“propelled our property investment business"

How has Property changed you and your families lives?

It's not all about fancy cars and designer clothes (although those things are very nice!) For us, it’s about choices. We can now give our children a private education and as a family we can access private health care. 

We can travel - and we all know that travel broadens the mind. What better way to enrich our children's lives and learning than seeing the world first hand. 

Also, within the next 12 months I will be in a position to leave my full-time (and very stressful) Social Work Manager job. giving me more time to work on growing our property business.

What about New Era Training & Rick Gannon’s training contributed to your success?

Rick and Lorraines training has propelled our property investment business, not only in pace but also in confidence and belief. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone (which I needed) and provided an abundance of knowledge and tools to equip me in continuing to grow the business. 

The mentoring and support from Rick and his team has been invaluable and has helped keep me focused and accountable. I have been on other training courses, where once you have signed up you feel like just another number. This training is very different, I always felt that there was genuine interest, it was personal, responsive and bang up to date!

- Victoria Miller

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