Our 12-month Property training Program is called “Investor”. This is a deep dive programme that has been developed to help Investors at all levels of experience, whether you have 10 properties or none, it doesn’t matter as this programme is designed to help you start, or even supercharge your current property business.


What is involved?


The 12-month Programme is delivered by Rick Gannon and Lorraine Gannon along with a Team of highly qualified and experienced full-time property investors who have all been trained by Rick and been through this process.

How long is the programme?


Our 12 Month Property training Program is delivered on 8 x 1 whole day sessions and involves weekly and daily access to Rick and his team over the course of 12 months to make sure you are doing what it is going to take to get to where you want to get to, whether that be taking you from zero properties to your first 3-5 or taking your portfolio from 5 to 10 or even 10 to 20.

Can you explain more?

Sure! The 12 Month property training course is a “done with you” programme of 12 months hand holding on how to invest in the following property strategies.

  • Houses In Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)
  • Rent To Rent
  • Lease-Purchase Options
  • Serviced Accommodation
  • Buy To Let

NOW is a fantastic time to be investing in Property as more and more landlords exit the market. Property remains the safest asset class to invest in, they don’t say ‘as safe as houses’ for no reason. Residential sales could slow, post stamp duty holiday and prices may reduce. The Government has targets to build hundreds of thousands of houses each year. Complex planning legislation and potential dips in house prices mean new house development targets could easily be missed.

Essentially, great deals will be coming to market and rentals could improve as the stock reduces.

Exclusive Group

The 12-month property training course “Investor” is an exclusive group where you will receive guided learning and face to face mentorship for your chosen strategy because we want you to be successful.


What do I get?

On the 12-month property training course “Investor” you will get:

  • 8 x 1 whole day content-led, deep-dive modules following the INVESTOR methodology
  • Bi-weekly Check-ins with the team
  • 12 x mastermind sessions to resolve issues and overcome challenges
  • Whatsapp group for daily access to Rick and his coaches
  • 121 support for calls throughout the weeks and months whilst you are on the program to clear any blocks and talk through any deals or issues you are having
  • Deal stacking
  • Industry experts each month to teach the following modules:

The 8 Step “Investor” Strategy


First of all we need to identify your goals, your reason “why” and how to choose your investing area. Checking your current resources, assets and financing opportunities.


Niching will enable you to focus on the right type of property and demographic. Large HMOs, mini-mo’s, refurb and add value. Co sharing, professionals, students, permitted development and change of use.


You should never buy a house without viewing it as this could literally be a disaster. You need to know what sizes the rooms are, how much of a refurbishment it needs and much more. 


Does the deal actually work? does it meet your requirements? What do the numbers say when you analyse the deal? How much money is left in your property after you have refinanced?


What other strategies can you use to control the house without a freehold purchase, Have you heard of Rent to Rent and Lease Purchase Options? Well, we teach them all on this programme.


You have niched into a market but how do you get the best rents? In this module, we teach you how to add value by design which will certainly help you in attracting higher rents.


You will need to recruit the correct tenants onto your property – In this module, we teach you all of our tips and tricks on how we have NO arrears in our portfolio and therefore make more money. We teach you our technique so that you can do the same!


Finally, do you want to do it all over again? It is easy when you know how right? How do you put your property investing into a systemised repeatable process? Unless you invest correctly you will at some point run out of cash.

Is this Program Suitable for you?

All applications to the Investor 12 Month Accelerator are subject to an interview to assess your suitability for this program. Click below to book in for a call with one of our team who can assess you and your suitability for this program. This program is not for everyone and we are totally ok with that, if you are assessed as suitable we will let you know on this call.

Who it is for? Anyone and everyone who has the drive and determination to build a property business, if you have some knowledge and experience with owning and running a property business great you will do even better as you will have some of the basics already in place. If you have no property at all we can take you right from the basics on step one with no idea to a whole entire portfolio with tens and potentially even hundreds of tenants.



We know everyone’s area and circumstances are different, and you’ve probably purchased products in the past that were not suitable. That’s why this programme comes with a no questions asked money-back guarantee. If after your first date, it’s not for you, we’d rather refund you and maintain a great relationship, so you really have nothing to lose.


We ONLY take applications for spaces, we frequently sell out because of the huge success our students achieve. We know that our mentees are more successful the more they are surrounded by highly engaged and motivated people. That’s why we want YOU to apply if you are really serious about taking action and can follow a process.

Due to the high interest that we get in this programme we only have limited spaces available and we only accept a maximum of 25 people onto this program and acceptance is subject to interview.


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